About the company

Established in 1997 as manufacturers and exporters of gold & silver items, our company is located in Gondomar quite near of Oporto city, a very famous city and well known for its Oporto wine too.

Our production is focused in men jewelery items, which are produced with our own steel tools and therefore getting us very light items with a very good finish and quality as well. In our production we use traditonal techniques being our goal to create new fashion and  modern items following future trends.

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Our items are completely hollow and produced in different gold colours such as 19,2k * 18k * 14k * 9k * 8k and sterling silver as well.

Adding the nordic culture to the above exposed factors we easily entered in the scandinavian market where we deal there around almost 17 years. We are also with expectations of conquering new markets all cross the globe.

You are welcome for a toast with an Oporto wine to our future business relation.

Our Products